Quality Roofing for Your Home or Business

We specialize in residential and commercial roof installation, replacement, and repairs. We also install seamless gutters, soffit, fascia, and siding - insisting on using the highest quality materials available. With a focus on superior customer satisfaction, Michael Moore, is personally involved in every single project. We offer free inspections, and warranties are provided with all our services.

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Flat Roofing Done Right by Skilled Flat Roof Specialists

Our licensed and bonded team of flat roofers specialize in commercial flat roof restoration, installation, replacement and repair. Our total roof restorations are a very cost effective and efficient alternative to a total roof tear-off and replacement. We use only the highest quality of materials, such as TPO membrane roofing, to ensure the longevity and durability of your flat roof.

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Professional Shingle Roofing

Our team of licensed and insured shingle roofers provides homeowners with superior quality shingle roof installation and repair services. We use only premium materials from reputable manufacturers to ensure your roof lasts for years to come.

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Small Company Experience, Big Company Results

Unlike many of major roofing companies today, Moore Construction offers you that small company experience, where you have direct communication with the owner, Michael Moore. He is personally involved with every aspect of the work, communicating directly with the work crews and his office all day. Michael is in charge of ordering all deliveries and materials along with picking the right crew every morning to ensure the proper experience. Don't take our word for it, please see all our reviews at Angi.com below. We also offer a list of all recent clients and projects in the area, by request.

They were punctual and communicative. They provided the estimate without sounding like a hard-sell job and gave me enough information so that I could accurately compare theirs to other quotes. They let me know what was going on at each step, and they discussed information without being dismissive of my concerns. They cleaned up well and were finished on time. I'd definitely go with them all over. Because of a mis-communication, they did not remove the satellite dish to add new shingles below the base (which is small), but instead worked around it; when I talked with them about it, they offered to leave an extra packet of shingles with me in case we or a future owner would want to remove the dish permanently. I took them up on the offer. Roof looks great.

They were fantastic! I was between them and another provider that I had seen all A marks on Angie's List and this provider was good and they came in. I think somewhere they were about 60% of the other provider. While they were both good, with construction I felt they were really attentive to answering questions. I have read a bunch of articles on gutters and downspouts and they seemed to be very knowledgeable and the pricing was great. I was very confident that they were coming out when they said they were coming out. I was kind of in a rush because I had stucco, brick and mortar work done and I was concerned because they had to take off some gutters and downspouts. I was concerned that whoever I hired I wanted to be out pretty quickly because I didn't want it in the fall or rainy season because there'll be rain falling off the roof and seeping into my basement. I wanted to make sure that whoever is coming out is actually going to show up. I was very confident that they were going to. The company was great, the staff was great, and how they corresponded by email. They were good to work with and transmitted electronically. There were a couple of things that I may have needed on their bid and they gave me a price for those. It turned out I didn't need most things. The one thing I did need only cost about $80. I just felt that from all aspects, they really could have jacked up the price and taken advantage of me but they were fair, prompt, and courteous. I would use them in a heartbeat. In fact, I recommended them to several friends already.

Moore construction did great work on the gutters. They replaced our old ones with a wider option to help rainwater flow. They also extended the gutters away from the house. They successfully sealed the skylight and the roof area around the bathroom fan. Of the two leaky windows, one was still not fully repaired after a few rainstorms. I called Moore back and they were quick to respond. We've not had problems since. At that point, they also recommended gutter covers to ensure that the accumulation of leaves (we have lots of trees around our house) wouldn't prevent the gutters from doing the job of taking rainwater away from the house. This was a longer term investment but, considering what I have to pay to get my gutters cleaned each year, I'll knew I'd recoup that money in about two years. The gutter covers are high quality -- the way they're installed ensures they don't fly off in a rainstorm. One other thing to say about Moore Construction: when Michael Moore, the owner, tells you in an e-mail that you can call him at any time with questions, he means it. I visited with him for about 15-20 minutes one morning about the window problem (had my list of questions ready!) -- I called him on his cell phone and he picked up. He seems honest, straightforward and experienced. These qualities make their way through to the company culture. Everyone I met or talked to associated with Moore Construction was like this.

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